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Precious when you don't have it

Precious when you don't have it

Photo Credits; Wikimedia User:Ahoerstemeier - Space Shuttle Pathfinder in the Alabama Public Domain - http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_detai l.php?id=1857 ...

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A Space Shuttle, But Not: Pathfinder

There were only six space shuttle orbiters. There was also Pathfinder. In July of 2017, I had the opportunity to visit the US Space & Rocket Center in Hunstville, ...

Every Space Shuttle ever launched, in order

NASA's pioneering reusable Space Transportation System (STS) was in operation for 30 years. 355 men and women flew on the five Space Shuttles over 135 ...

Rare Space: Shuttles Nose to Nose, Say Goodbye

Two space shuttles come nose-to-nose in a rare meeting. The AP's Lee Powell says Discovery is about to become a museum piece. (April 19) Subscribe to the ...

Pathfinder: Shuttle Exhibit

This video introduces the Pathfinder Shuttle Exhibit, a joint project between the Marshall Space Flight Center and the State of Alabama's Space and Rocket ...

shuttle take off 001 pathfinder


Covering the Space Shuttle Program

Space reporters discuss the impact the Space Shuttle Program has had on exploration, national interests and why it's an exciting beat in the first place.

The hidden secret behind the Space Shuttle.

The hidden secret behind the Space Shuttle program can be found in the names given to each Shuttle.


My team and I are walking under Pathfinder to get to out next activity.

SSTL / Goonhilly Lunar Pathfinder space mission

Our latest animation for Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, showing their Lunar Pathfinder mission, which aims to deliver a suite of cubesats to lunar orbit, and act ...

The Pathfinder that Saved Mark Watney

In Andy Weir's \


English/Nat It was third time lucky for NASA and its Mars Pathfinder with the spacecraft finally on its way to the red planet. Two launch attempts were scrubbed ...

CBSE Videos.com - Rover Landing in Mars

Rover Landing in Mars.

Time-lapse: Snow Falls on the Space Shuttle

Time-lapse video of snow falling on the Pathfinder space shuttle display at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center n Huntsville, Alabama Wednesday February 26, ...

Rocket Garden and Shuttle

Exterior shots at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The main bulk of the exterior at this center is the Rocket Garden with both NASA and ...

Pathfinder Rocket Launch At NASA Wallops

Assembly and launch of the Pathfinder rocket at NASA Wallops in July 2004. The rocket was first rocket launched by NASA that was entirely designed and built ...

Pathfinder Class Shuttle - RWI - Space Engineers Fleet!

New from RWI Shipyards, the RWI Pathfinder Class shuttle. Download the Shuttle here: ...

Mass Effect Andromeda: Pathfinder Jane Reporting for Space Duty - ASTRONAUT TRAINING

Jane ships out for astronaut training with Mass Effect Andromeda and the European Space Agency! So she'll be fully prepared to represent humanity in another ...

NASA's C-9 Pathfinder Landing at Dryden Flight Research Center ahead of Space Shuttle Endeavour

NASA's C-9 Pathfinder flies about 50 miles ahead of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. This is done so that, if the C-9 Pathfinder encounters poor weather conditions, ...

First Mars Pathfinder rover, and space shuttle Discovery at Udvar Hazy National Air and Space Museum

Udvar Hazy National Air and Space Museum museum close to Dulles International Airport in Virginia. Most of the video shows the space shuttle Discovery, and ...

SPACE SHUTTLE VIEWED FROM AIRPLANE Please Don't Watch If You Cannot Accept The Truth- The Pathfinder

SPACE SHUTTLE VIEWED FROM AIRPLANE Please Don't Watch If You Cannot Accept The Truth - The Pathfinder - alex jones coast to coast am flat earth hoax.

[GER] KSP Shuttle Katastrophen - 27 - ISS Sarya | Unity - Duna Pathfinder

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/woeller3.

★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD


VMS Shuttle Sim


US Space and Rocket Center

Pictures from the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Al.

Kerbal Space Shuttle Challenge: Get it to orbit and dock with a space station

So I took part in the Reddit Shuttle Challenge: Build one, get it to orbit and dock with a space station, then get it back safely on the ground. Had to improvise a ...

Journey to Mars | NASA Documentary

Launched on Aug. 4, 2007, Phoenix landed on May 25, 2008, farther north than any previous spacecraft sent to Mars. The lander dug, scooped, baked, sniffed ...

Crash Landing a Space Shuttle

Me crash landing the Atlantis the last Space Shuttle.

Dryden's 60 Years of Flight Research: The Space Shuttle Era

Video #1 This 118 second movie clip tells about the Space Shuttle Era at Dryden as it marked its 60th anniversary as the nation's premier high-speed, ...

Space Shuttle in Huntsville, AL

At the Marshall's Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

OTD in Space - Sept. 27: Last Transmission From Mars Pathfinder

On Sept. 27, 1997, NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission beamed its very last data transmission back to Earth. The Mars Pathfinder mission consisted of a base ...

Space flight simulator Mars Pathfinder Launch-2(end)


Luciana Vega’s 360 Space Camp Tour of Pathfinder | American Girl

Explore the main green of Space Camp with Luciana and see landmarks like the Pathfinder Shuttle, and Astrotrek complex, where Luciana and her fellow crew ...

Here's How NASA Didn't Save Skylab

NASA did have a plan in place to save the Skylab space station. Knowing Skylab's orbit was slowly decaying, NASA decided to use the space shuttle to boost ...

SARGE Pathfinder Launch

15 second count down happens at ~20 minutes into video.

Space - Mars Pathfinder due to land

T/I: 11:11:27 The Mars Pathfinder is due to land Friday on the red planet under a cloudy sky, according to weather predictions made through the Hubble space ...

Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Joins Propulsion Park Display

A crane lifts a space shuttle solid rocket booster into its final position in the \

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